1st January 2003
Alan Ray-Jones

Website Updates

  • I have added a page on Edward Holroyd Pearce, my mother’s brother, 18 months younger than her, who died in 1990, over five years before she did. He was the best known figure in his generation in my close family. Go to Pearce (use the button on the left) and click on Edward Holroyd Pearce – or just click here.
  • I have added this page of News, rather slim now, but it will hopefully feature Jenny Blackwell soon, and anyone else who is prepared to say what they have been doing.
  • The first stories have been added to the Ancestors, stories page. I will go on adding them, probably in a roughly chronological order. Click on the button on the left, then select the story and click on the year.
  • I have added the Golden Wedding invitation details. See below.
  • Various minor errors have been corrected and probably new ones introduced, so please let me know!!

If you think I’m crazy putting in all this stuff about clicking on buttons, just remember that some people are not as web-familiar as you are!